Overseas Enrolment Procedures

Yarra Valley Grammar welcomes applications from overseas students wishing to undertake study at our School from Years 7 to 11. Please note that commencement at the School outside term 1 will be approved at the discretion of the School.

It is a School requirement that all overseas applicants sit an Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) test which provides an assessment of the student’s English language proficiency and suggests the duration of an intensive English language course required before commencement at Yarra Valley Grammar.

To apply for a place at Yarra Valley Grammar please provide a copy of the following:

  • Overseas Student Application for Enrolment Form
  • AEAS assessment report
  • School reports for the last two years’ year of study (translated into English and certified)
  • Passport and/or birth certificate

Applications should be forwarded to international@yvg.vic.edu.au

Once an application with the supporting documentation has been received it will be reviewed by the Admissions Office in consultation with the relevant Head of School and Overseas Student Coordinator. Successful applicants will receive a provisional letter of offer subject to the following conditions:

  • Successful completion of an English preparation course
  • Satisfactory results in the School’s entrance test

To accept a provisional place at Yarra Valley Grammar, payment of the deposit amount, as specified in the letter of offer, should be received by the due date alomg with the following:

  • Confirmation of approved guardianship arrangements
  • Completed Application Fee and Enrolment Charge Form
  • Completed Acceptance of Enrolment Form

A COE and CAAW letter will be issued once these documents have been received by the School.

Enrolment application form

Refund policy

Tuition fees