Overseas Students

Yarra Valley Grammar has successfully educated overseas students for many years.

Students from many different countries come to our School because of its reputation for academic excellence and innovation. The School sets high standards of performance in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.

Our students excel under the guidance of great teachers who love what they do and seek to inspire them to achieve their best. They have a genuine interest in getting to know their students, so they can teach them effectively, identify issues or problems, and care for their welfare. Our local students and staff create a welcoming environment for our overseas students who speak very highly of the School and their experiences.

Yarra Valley Grammar’s broad curriculum is responsive to individual student needs, and new subjects and projects are introduced to ensure relevance to today’s students. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the common credential for all Victorian students, providing pathways to universities and spanning over two years (Years 11 and 12).The majority of students move on to tertiary study, with the University of Melbourne and Monash University being the most popular choices.

All enquiries from China can be sent directly to our China Office in Shanghai. Please contact the China Office. For enquiries outside of China, please contact the Director of Marketing and Admissions, or visit one of the School’s agents for further assistance.