Since 1966

Yarra Valley Grammar celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, and Principal Dr Mark Merry says the school in Melbourne’s outer east has a great story to tell. “The school was begun by dedicated locals who saw a need and acted upon it. From humble beginnings it has flourished and become a great asset to the local and broader community.”

Dr Merry began as Principal at the Early Learning to Year 12 school in 2009 and is most proud of the contributions that he and many others have made to the sense of community within the school. “The 50th anniversary has given us the opportunity to honour the past and recognise the contributions of so many, celebrate the present and the great place the school has become. I foresee that Yarra Valley Grammar will contribute to the broader community by continuing to provide great educational opportunities well into the future. Yarra has been a great school for its students and their families, but we have also been a community asset in many other ways. So many have benefited from the George Wood Performing Arts Centre, the John King Sports Complex, or the playing fields as community assets.”

Currently 1,300 students attend the Early Learning to Year 12 school, that is currently undertaking “an ambitious rebuilding and refurbishment program” to bring its 1960s and 70s buildings up to modern standards. “The most important components are great teachers and great teaching, and the new facilities provide the environment for this to happen.”

“The past 50 years have been quite an achievement,” says Dr Merry. “The school can look forward to the next 50 with great optimism. I feel privileged to play some part along the way.”

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