Digital Learning

Digital learning at Yarra Valley Grammar exists to support our educational mission:

  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Student success
  • Creativity
  • An active concern for the environment
  • Community Engagement, Connection and Relevance
  • Teamwork and Team Involvement
  • Internationalism

(2015-2020 Teaching and Learning Plan)

The introduction to digital learning begins in the Early Learning Centre where the children engage with age-appropriate apps that provide opportunities to acquire information, solve problems and communicate with others.

Junior School students (Prep-Year 4) have access to both class sets of iPads and desktop computers in each classroom. Students are introduced to new tools such as digital photography, video and movie-making, animation and claymation, basic coding, QR codes, basic web design and multimedia creation.

A one to one iPad program operates across the Junior School and Middle School from Years 5-8. Devices are provided by the School to each student in these year levels. These devices are returned to the School at the end of Year 8.

Students in Year 9 and the Senior School (Years 10, 11 and 12) are able to bring their own device (BYOD) to school if they wish. It may be an laptop, tablet, iPad or any mobile device that fulfils minimum specifications. The devices used as part of the BYOD program must have a minimum screen size of an iPad Mini 9 inch or 228 mm diagonally).

There is no compulsion for students to have or bring such a device but, if students and families feel that such a tool will assist them in their learning and organisation, then the School supports their use.While we remain mindful of the balance between the use of electronic devices and students being able to handwrite in timed conditions for internal assessments and examinations, the School continues to expand its online curriculum resources.

All Yarra Valley Grammar classrooms feature large touch screen interactive digital panels and hearing augmentation in many classrooms to facilitate learning and teaching. A number of classrooms have multiple digital panels that eliminate the idea of a front and back of the classroom. Both teachers and students are able to connect wirelessly to a digital panel to display work. There are multiple breakout spaces with digital panels in the Science and Mathematics Building and these provide opportunities for small group work and independent learning. The Collaboratory is a state- of-the-art learning space in the Middle School that has allowed the School to trial innovation in digital learning.

The School’s Learning Management system called Canvas is actively used for both class and homework to access online digital learning materials from Year 5. Real time reporting was introduced in 2017 with parents and students receiving online results and feedback for all major assessments as soon as results are released. At the end of each semester, a Statement of Results with a final result for each subject and a Tutor comment is available online for families. A new Community Portal for students, parents and staff will continue to provide information on student progress and enhance the flow of digital information through the Yarra Valley Grammar community.

To achieve our School mission in the area of Digital Learning, the Principal, Heads of School, Curriculum teams and Heads of Department work closely with the Director of IT and eLearning, the IT-eLearning Steering Group and the IT Curriculum Department to:

  • Provide support and direction for the use of digital learning
  • Collaborate with teachers to integrate digital learning into existing curricula
  • Provide a dynamic curriculum for specific Digital Technologies electives to develop a strong pathway to further studies in IT
  • Facilitate ongoing, systematic and regular Professional Learning for teaching staff
  • Promote strategic ICT innovation in current and emerging technologies across the School to improve learning as well as improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks

      Our vision supports meaningful learning for all students and outlines the educational goals of digital learning at Yarra Valley Grammar to support the mission of the School. We see digital learning as synonymous with contemporary teaching and learning and is an essential part of the student learning journey in providing extended opportunities for collaboration and creativity. With the right conditions, academic rigour and deep learning can be enhanced by digital learning to be an integral part of the preparation to meet the challenges of thriving in a modern society.

      At Yarra Valley Grammar we will continue to investigate, develop and implement best practice to support learning that promotes independent and lifelong learning in a globally connected world.

      Click here to download the Yarra Valley Grammar Vision Statement for Digital Learning

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