Who We Are

All current parents of Yarra are automatically members of Yarra Parents & Friends.  Yarra Parents & Friends provides an important forum in which parents and friends of the School are able to meet on a regular basis. We work together to not only support the School’s programs, but to encourage a sense of community for all School families.

Parents & Friends organise morning breakfasts/coffees, parent functions, support the School Festival, Mother and Fathers’ Day stalls and various fundraising and social events throughout the year. We provide services to our School community such as a Second-Hand Book Sale at the end of each year, and a Second-Hand Uniform Shop at the School premises throughout the year.

The Pavilion Café is a new addition and provides barista made coffee and snacks for the Saturday morning sport. All funds raised through our many programs go back into our School, supporting a variety of projects from School badges to building projects. Many friendships have been made through the Parents & Friends network.

Although we have a committee that meet approximately once a month, every parent at Yarra is welcome to attend at any time.

Yarra Parents & Friends Volunteer Committee:


Robyn McKinnell: Mother of Brooke (Yr 11), Alastair (Yr 9) & Lachie (Grade 2)

Vice-President: Diana Fayle: Mother of James (YOG 2014), Emma (YOG 2018), Emily (YOG 2018) & Tom (Year 9) 

Treasurer: Kathryn Goldsmith: Mother of Jack (Year 9)


Each year level at Yarra also has Volunteer Year Level Representatives. Their task is to be the first point of contact in the year level for new parents and to make everyone feel welcome. They are also responsible for helping make the term functions a memorable event and organising informal ‘get-togethers’ for parents.

The 2019 Year Level Representatives are:

ELC   Rachael Burich       JUNIOR PRIMARY
Amy Pertile
      SENIOR PRIMARY Kylie Lannan       MIDDLE SCHOOL  Vanessa Walters        SENIOR SCHOOL  Naomi Elliot
ELC   Carolyn Taylor        JUNIOR PRIMARY Kristin Dazkiw
Kim Lubbers McGinnes       MIDDLE SCHOOL
Kathryn Goldsmith       SENIOR SCHOOL Julie Heather

Georgia Coote
Jodi Quigg-Cavicchia
Julie King          

Brianna Reed

Christine Nalder 
Becky Thyssen          

      JUNIOR PRIMARY Jade Shoppee
                MIDDLE SCHOOL Diana Fayle          

      JUNIOR PRIMARY Mel Dobson
                MIDDLE SCHOOL Felicia Zhou          

      JUNIOR PRIMARY Christine Nalder
                MIDDLE SCHOOL Clare Chan

      JUNIOR PRIMARY Kylie Withers

      JUNIOR PRIMARY Kathryn Hooper                              

Christine Nalder 
Christine Nalder 
Christine Nalder