Accommodation Arrangements

The School has a network of families within the local community that are approved by the School for overseas students of Yarra Valley Grammar. The selected families form part of the Yarra Valley Grammar community and offer a wonderful, supportive environment for overseas students who have come to study at the School. 
The School also works in partnership with CETA Worldwide Education( and Australian Homestay Network Pty Ltd (AHN) ( to source suitable homestay families for overseas students of Yarra Valley Grammar. The School is responsible for approving all homestay families and ongoing monitoring of these families.

Homestay Arrangements

Overseas students without an accompanying parent or legal guardian can only be accepted into the School once they have turned 13 years of age. All overseas students over 13 years of age must have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements in place before they commence their study at Yarra Valley Grammar.

All overseas students who do not reside with either the parents or the parent nominated guardian as approved by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are placed with a Yarra Valley Grammar approved homestay accommodation for the duration of their study at Yarra Valley Grammar.

It is important that overseas students try to become a part of their homestay family by communicating and mixing with the family as they would in their own home. The more the student is involved, the more comfortable and settled the student will feel. The student will discuss with the school on an ongoing basis any issues they may have with their homestay. The School’s homestay families are closely monitored by the Director of Marketing and Admissions with regular contact throughout the year with the Homestay families and the homestay sourcing agencies, CETA Worldwide Education and Australian Homestay Network Pty Ltd (AHN).

Prospective Homestay Families

The prospective homestay families will need to contact one of homestay provider companies to complete the expression of interest form to host an overseas student of Yarra Valley Grammar. Click on the following links to contact the homestay provider companies for prospective families to make a direct contact.