Pastoral Care

Taking great care of our students

A dedicated team of teaching and support staff assist our overseas students in the transition to school in Australia and monitor their time at Yarra Valley Grammar. They understand how important it is for every student to feel safe and valued within the School community as well as instil a sense of independence and resilience in each student.

The International Student Coordinator along with the Director of Marketing and Admissions is responsible for the welfare of our overseas students under the School's Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW). The International Student Coordinator has ongoing contact with students and communicates regularly with homestay hosts, parents, caregivers and guardians to ensure that they have settled into their studies and life at Yarra Valley Grammar.

The International Student Coordinator also works closely with tutors, Year Level Coordinators; Heads of School and the Head of Student Wellbeing to ensure students are achieving their personal best and when needed, develops collaborative support teams with parents or guardians to support students. Confidential personal counselling is available to students when needed.

All new overseas students are assigned a buddy or Australian friend on their first day at Yarra Valley Grammar to assist in the everyday activities of the School, such as finding their way to class, accessing facilities as well as being on hand to answer any questions they may have.