Term 3 - Teaching Today

There is little doubt that teaching has become a more complex and demanding task in recent years. This is reflected in the many and varied demands placed upon the teacher beginning with; but certainly not confined to their subject areas. The commitment of our staff to our community is evidenced in the time and energy they devote to our students and the enthusiasm in which they are prepared to do so. There are obviously times when the demands of the job bring their own stresses and strains, but these times are more than countered by an overwhelmingly positive view of all that it means to be a teacher at Yarra. 

Teaching is such a very different kind of job in so many ways. Coming to work in the morning requires an immediate attention to the needs of young people and there is no real escape from the need to perform no matter how we feel about the day. When working with the young, as demanding as this can be, we can only approach these demands in a constructive way. A jaded world view does not sit well with our students and workmates nor does it give us the resilience to front the class and undertake that most serious of pursuits, the formation and education of young people. Ultimately the best teachers are the optimists who see the value in their work and recognise the special opportunity they have to work with young people, even when there are times when we are ready to teach but they are not quite ready to learn. 

Who amongst us; for good or ill does not see our school days as one of the foremost experiences in our lives? It is for this reason that we teachers need to take our roles very seriously. We have this one big chance to make a positive influence upon the young, one which will sustain them into adulthood. It is for this reason that teachers need to go about the business of the day with an optimistic world view. The best teacher is the eternal optimist who sees the possibilities of good in every encounter with their students. In my dealings with my colleagues I see the optimism and know that this is what really counts.