Privacy Policy

Statement of Context

Federal privacy laws regulate how schools can collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information. Certain laws including Public Health and Child Protection laws require specific information to be collected.

The School is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of personal information.

Under the Federal Privacy Act (1988) individuals have the right to obtain access to any personal information which the School holds about them and to advise the School of any perceived inaccuracy.

Reference Points/Background Papers

National Privacy Principles under the Federal Privacy Act (1988),

Health Records Act 2001

AISV Privacy Manual


The primary purpose of collecting personal information is to enable the School to provide schooling for its students and to enable the School to discharge its duty of care. If the School does not obtain the required information, then it not may not be able to enrol or continue the enrolment of the student(s) involved.

Policy details

Collection of Information

  • The School collects personal information, including sensitive information about pupils and parents or guardians before and during and after the course of a pupil's enrolment at the SchoolThe School collects personal information about staff members, job applicants, volunteers and contractors; visitors and other people who come in contact with the School
  • Information is collected by way of forms, face to face meetings and interviews, telephone calls, faxes, letters and email and other communications
  • In some circumstances, the School may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, e.g. a report or reference from another school, a report from a health professional.

Use or Disclosure of Information

  • The School will use personal information for the primary purpose of collection or for other related secondary purposes, and to those purposes for which consent has been given
  • The School from time to time discloses personal and sensitive information to others for administrative, educational and promotional purposes including:
  • Keeping parents informed about matters related to their child’s schooling through correspondence, newsletters and magazines
  • Day-to-day administration
  • Looking after students¡¦ educational, social and medical well-being
  • Fundraising and promoting the School
  • Satisfying legal obligations
  • Discharging duty of care.
  • For job applicants, staff members and contractors, the primary purpose for collecting information is to assess and (if successful) engage the applicant, staff member or contractor as the case may be. Purposes for which such information may be used include:
  • Administering the individual’s employment or contract
  • For insurance purposes
  • Seeking funds and marketing the School
  • Satisfying legal requirements, e.g. in relation to child protection legislation.
  • For volunteers, the School obtains personal information to assist the School in its functions and associated activities, to enable the School and volunteers to work together, and for legal reasons e.g. in relation to child protection legislation
  • Personal information may be disclosed to other schools, government departments, medical practitioners, and people providing services to the School, including specialist visiting teachers, sports coaches and volunteers, or any other authorised individual or body
  • Personal information collected from pupils is regularly disclosed to their parents or guardians. On occasions information such as academic and sporting achievements, pupil activities and other news is published in School newsletters, magazines and on our website.

Protection and Storage of Information

  • Sensitive information relates to a person’s individual racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religion, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, sexual preferences or criminal record, or a person’s health
  • Staff are required to respect the confidentiality of students’, parents’ and others personal information and the privacy of individuals
  • The School has steps in place which protect the personal information the School holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by use of various methods including locked storage of paper records and password access rights to computerised records
  • The School endeavours to keep accurate, complete and up to date records of personal information
  • National Privacy Principles require the School not to store personal information longer than necessary.

Implications for Practice

  • In some cases where the School requests personal information about a student or a parent and the information requested is not obtained, the School may not be able to enrol or continue the enrolment of the student
  • The School or a person may check or seek to update personal information held by the School at any time
  • The School will not send personal information about an individual outside of Australia without obtaining the consent of the individual or otherwise complying with National Privacy Principles
  • The School may, from time to time, review and update this policy to take account of laws and new technology.
Other Considerations

  • The School will treat consent given by parents as consent given on behalf of the student, and notice to parents will act as notice given to the student
  • Parents may seek access to personal information held by the School about them or their child by contacting the Principal. Occasions when access would be denied would include when the release of information would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others or where the release may result in a breach of the School’s duty of care to the student
  • The School may, at its discretion, on the request of a student, grant that student access to information held by the School about them, or allow a student to give or withhold consent to the use of their personal information, independently of their parents. This would normally be done only when the student involved had reached 18 years of age, but the School could do so in other circumstances when the maturity of the student and / or the student’s personal circumstances so warranted.

Security Policy regarding online payments

  • Use of the School’s website online payment facility indicates that the user accepts the Privacy and Security Policies in regard to the collection and use by the School of any personal information provided for payment purposes, such as for processing payments and providing receipts. The inability to provide required information may mean that the user is unable to access or complete the online payment service.
  • The identifiable information collected through on-line payment will be used for the purpose for which it is intended. Non-identifying information may also be used for statistical, reporting, quality and compliance auditing and research purposes.
  • Information will be stored securely on the School’s data base and will be kept confidential. The School has appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that is collected.

When sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) is entered on the website, the School encrypts that information using secure technology. The School does not permanently store complete credit card details. Credit Card payments may only be made in Australian dollars (AUD). 

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