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Principal's Blog - February 2018

Reading and watching the news each evening I am reminded of a quirky film from the 1990’s starring Bill Murray called “Groundhog Day”. In the film the main character is forced to relive the same events over and over again until eventually he learns to improve himself and the cycle ..

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VCE Results 2016 - 12 December, 2016

On behalf of all of us here at Yarra Valley Grammar, we congratulate our Class of 2016 on their success in the VCE this year. Following the release of the 2016 VCE scores we are pleased to announce that all of our students successfully completed the VCE with more than one in three achieving ..

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Principal's blog - 15 June, 2016

There were three seemingly unrelated events in the news this week. The first was the bombing of Syrian civilians which is often described as ‘collateral damage’ but in reality is a fairly indiscriminate approach to warfare in this age of ‘precision bombing’. We now have s..

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