All international students attending Yarra Valley Grammar without a parent in Australia are required to live in homestay accommodation.

International students without a parent in Australia may only be accepted into the School once they have turned 13 years of age.

Yarra Valley Grammar will actively assist in finding homestay accommodation for international students, should this be required. The School also will support an international student who chooses to live with a direct relative e.g. an aunt or uncle, however this person, not the School, in this instance, will be required to complete the necessary Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation / Welfare Arrangements (CAAW). The School does not offer boarding house accommodation.

The School will not agree to an international student, regardless of age, living alone or sharing with other students, without approved adult supervision. Melbourne is a city that covers a very large area compared to many cities in other countries. Homestay close to the School is often hard to obtain and students may need to travel on public transport.

While the homestay provides all meals, accommodation and amenities, the parents/guardians will need to arrange personal insurance for the students personal belongings (such as laptop) as the homestay’s house and contents insurance will not cover any loss for any international students personal items.

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