A Message from the Chaplain

May Missions Month

All through my childhood, I recall the month of May being known as Missions Month at church. Still now, our Church has a focus on mission during the month of May. We hear updates from individuals, couples and families who are sharing the Good News to a wide variety of people groups, languages and cultures across the globe.

Sometimes their missionary work puts them in dangerous situations. At times they feel alone. Sometimes communicating and sharing the information and stories is extremely challenging. At times the recipients are welcoming and at other times they’re downright hostile. There are times when the missionaries feel misunderstood. At other times they wonder if the work they’re involved in is really making a difference anyway. Other times, they experience great joy and a sense of achievement.

As a church and as individuals, we seek to encourage them and recommit to supporting them in the important work they’re involved in. They appreciate the focus and are often re-energised by the increased attention, prayer and encouragement.

I’m sure you’ll recognize that the work of a missionary is not dissimilar to the role of a Mum. And it seems like May is a good month to focus on our Mums, too.

There are times when Mums find themselves in tricky situations. Sometimes they can feel alone. Communication isn’t always straight forward. At times, those they care for are thankful and there are times we push back. Mums can be misunderstood and they wonder whether or not their toil is worth the effort. And every now and then our Mums get to experience moments of great joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Mums, we want to say thank-you! We hope you’ll be energized by being in the spotlight for a few moments. You deserve it. We love you more than we tell you. We appreciate your love, care and support. Thank-you.

Rev Paul Joy


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