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Foundation Vision

At the heart of our 20 in 20 plan is a vision to ensure Yarra continues to deliver innovative educational programs that keep pace with the skills and needs of students for 21st century Australia.

The 20 in 20 Master Plan

The exponential growth principle of compounding underpins our 20 in 20 model. Our annual philanthropic and fundraising target, community engagement and rate of cultural change are designed to grow exponentially year on year.

The model and growth rate is designed to fund innovations in our educational offering to keep pace with change in the world around us. When we consider how the global economy has changed in Yarra’s first 50 years, and then look to our next 50 years along the same trajectory, the case for 20 in 20 is compelling.

Our philanthropic and fundraising goals, initial targets and annual growth rates allow our community to recognise the role and impact of philanthropy to the School and to celebrate achievable goals along the journey, whilst we seek to embed annual giving within our culture.

Funding Model

    • Our investment return target is: 4% above inflation
    • Our model has: a starting base of $500k (2018)
      and a contribution escalation of 20% year on year
    • Our financial goal: reach $20 million in 20 years
    • Our operational goal: improve debt / equity ratio to allow
      for an increased rate of investment in programs and buildings
    • Our community goal: embed a culture of philanthropy towards a
      Yarra Foundation that can be relied upon to support Yarra’s future
      needs in a rapidly changing world
    • Our long term vision: financial independence where we can
      both loan to the School and continue to grow the corpus.

    Watch our Yarra Foundation video here:

    Generosity for Yarra's Future

    Recently the School undertook some community consultations to understand what is important to our community and to explore and discuss a vision for Yarra and our community in our Centenary year in 2066. 

    Workshops were held with students, staff and parents including both Yarra Old Grammarians (YOG) and past parents. The resulting Yarra @ 2066 vision forms the crux of what the Yarra Foundation is working towards.

    Our 2066 Vision

    The Yarra Foundation is promoting generosity for Yarra's future so that this vision can be achieved. We need to ensure that Yarra keeps pace in a rapidly changing world. We want the School to remain as contemporary as it is today, and into the future.

    For more information about our Yarra Foundation Day activities please CLICK HERE

    To become a part of our actively philanthropic School community, please click 'contribute' below. We need you to help us realise our vision, Yarra @ 2066


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