Foundation Hall (Gymnasium)

Gymnasium 1968 — 2010

Date Opened:March 1968
Sponsored by:Parents Association and the Ladies Auxiliary
Principal:John Pascoe

Back in 1968 Foundation Hall began its life as our school’s first Gymnasium. Parents had joined forces and raised money to build it along with a Tuckshop. They were amazing, as they had already funded tennis courts in 1966. The Gym and Tuckshop were not part of the main building plans, but the parents group were determined. They formed a cooperative and got things rolling. 

It was built in 1968 for $70,988. Yarra Old Grammarians still remember the fun they had there, Junior School plays happened there and it was a great place to play, meet and create memories.

Foundation Hall 2011

Date Opened:August 2011
Opened by:Board Chairman Ms Sarah Tipping and Principal Dr Mark Merry
Dedicated by:The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne
Principal:Dr Mark Merry

In 2000 our old Gym took a back seat when sports moved to the new John King Sports Complex. Led by Richard Simpson, Chairman of the Yarra Valley Grammar Foundation, they embarked on an idea to give the old gym a new and vibrant role in the life of the school. A fundraiser started in 2010 to make it happen. 

It has seating capacity for up to 250 people and is perfect for hosting lunches and dinners, concerts, and events. It features the Yarra Foundation Honour Boards highlighting philanthropy to the school. Once again a place to play meet and create new memories.

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