Hearing Unit

Yarra Valley Grammar is committed to the provision of a fully inclusive educational experience for hearing-impaired students from Early Learning to Year 12.

The Yarra Valley Grammar oral/aural program focuses on the development of listening skills and spoken and written communication through the use of residual hearing and consistent use of listening devices. Hearing impaired students are fully included across every aspect of school life.

Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are supported by qualified Teachers of the Deaf and a part-time Speech Pathologist. Hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM units and other listening devices are maintained by Australian Hearing. The Hearing Unit has strong links with the Cochlear Implant Clinic.

The Program
Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are integral members of the regular classroom, supported by Teachers of the Deaf at a ratio of 1 teacher to 4 students. The needs of each student are met through classroom support, individual withdrawal sessions, auditory training, note-taking, oral interpreting and language teaching. Programs are flexible and determined by the individual needs of the student, which are continually reviewed and assessed.

As part of this program, the students have access to assistive hearing technologies and may use FM systems in the classroom and in environments with competing background noise. The language program is based on age appropriate language experiences, the classroom curriculum and the natural language of the student's peer group. Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are supported in the development of skills that enable them to acquire and express information, gain an understanding of their community and current events, understand their own needs, take responsibility for their listening and communication and develop social awareness. Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Full and active participation in the School's curricular and co-curricular program is encouraged and celebrated.

Hearing Unit Services

  • Language development, enrichment and tracking of progress
  • Speech pathology
  • Auditory discrimination and perception training
  • Social skills and social awareness program
  • Development of thinking skills
  • Career counselling and work experience
  • Development of conversation skills and public speaking
  • Assisting in all aspects of the transition process
  • Regular parent information evenings and parent/teacher meetings

For more information please email the Hearing Unit.

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