Senior School Curriculum

Preparing for careers with confidence and independence

Year 10 Curriculum

The Year 10 curriculum has been specifically designed to establish strong foundations for our students’ final years of schooling. It is a pre-VCE year with students studying six subjects, each with a direct link to current VCE subjects offered at Yarra Valley Grammar, including the nature of class work, assessment tasks and examinations. The goal is for a depth of study, covering concepts, content and skills, which will prepare our students for VCE.

Year 10 students may also apply to study a Unit 1 and 2 subject with the option to then complete the equivalent Unit 3 and 4 subject in Year 11.

Another important feature of the Year 10 program is work experience. Our students participate in one week of work experience, giving them an insight into the world of work and helping them to further define areas of career interest.

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VCE Curriculum

Yarra Valley Grammar’s broad VCE curriculum allows students to choose from more than 40 different subject units, ensuring they will find a match for their skills and interests.

In Year 11, Units 1 and 2 subject assessment outcomes closely reflect those of Units 3 and 4, reinforcing our goal of preparing students ahead of time for the challenges that lay ahead. Students complete SACs and SATs as they will in Year 12 to increase their familiarity with the process and requirements of their Unit 3 and 4 studies.

All students studying a VCE subject are required to complete a pre-SAC assessment on their personal expectations. After receipt of their results, they then complete a self-evaluation and reflection, which requires them to identify specific areas that need attention prior to the next SAC. This process provides our students with greater focus and a study plan to help them achieve their goals.

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