Yarra Hearing Unit

The Hearing Unit at Yarra Valley Grammar has a long history of providing outstanding education and support for students who are hearing impaired. Hearing impaired students at Yarra are assisted with hearing aids and or cochlear implants and are fully integrated into the classroom by qualified teachers of the deaf.

The Yarra Hearing Unit parent group also offers a support network for families of hearing impaired children. The Hearing Unit Parent Information evenings are held throughout the year, providing a wonderful opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents. These evenings are also very informative as parents are kept up to date with the latest technologies available to support children with a hearing loss.

The group also organises social events to benefit both the parents and students of the Hearing Unit. It builds a vital support network for all involved in the Hearing Unit and assists families to successfully integrate with the whole School community.

The Yarra Hearing Unit parent group welcomes input and participation from all parents, students and teaching staff of the Hearing Unit and the wider School community.

Contact: Rachel Wilson

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