Junior School

Developing the skills for learning

The primary years are a time of skill acquisition, equipping our students with the capabilities they will need to become effective lifelong learners. In small classes with exceptional teachers, students develop the confidence to become independent learners, willing to ask questions, listen to others and absorb new learning. Our students enjoy all the benefits of a separate, small primary school, while at the same time having full access to the outstanding facilities and opportunities offered as part of a whole-school approach to continuous learning.

The Junior School curriculum focuses on establishing strong skills in the key areas of literacy and numeracy, complemented by a diverse specialist program. E-learning also plays a prominent role in the curriculum, with a mixture of personal and shared devices provided for students. Planning for different rates and styles of learning is a key feature of our curriculum and our teachers are experts at adapting their lessons to include multiple delivery methods.

“Our philosophy is one of individuality, where each student’s strengths, interests and needs are recognised and catered for. Our teachers work hard to differentiate the learning experience so that each student can achieve their best.” Mrs Nicole Rogers, Head of Junior School

The Junior School’s pastoral care program includes regular opportunities to monitor and discuss each child’s welfare, with formal programs such as buddy activities, leadership opportunities and transition programs supporting the wellbeing of students. Programs such as MPower Girls, which discusses what happens in friendship groups and how this affects them, and Revved Up Boys, which helps boys understand feelings of anger or frustration, are just one of a range of strategies we use to help our students establish and maintain positive relationships. The comprehensive transition to a secondary school program commences mid-way through Year 6 with a series of visits, and linkages with students in Middle School.

The relationship between home and school is very important and, in partnership with parents, the School fosters an environment of respect, connectedness and wellbeing. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved, including reading activities, excursions, incursions, or via various parent groups. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher should any questions or concerns arise.

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