Junior School Curriculum

Literacy, numeracy and much more

The Junior School curriculum focuses on establishing strong skills in the key areas of literacy and numeracy, and core subjects include English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies (including Science, History and Geography) and Personal Development. This is complemented by a specialist program, including Art and Craft, French, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and Library sessions, and context-based fun learning days, excursions, guest speakers, academic competitions and social service activities. Learning about the environment and the importance of sustainability is taught through practical strategies such as the vigilant use of power and water, as well as through Science-based lessons.

Junior School has its own blog, which we update with photos and videos. We encourage parents to visit regularly because we also make suggestions about home-learning activities.

Each student’s individual needs are placed at the centre of their learning program and lessons are adapted to suit individual learning styles. We use a range of learning strategies and approaches, including THRASS, Spelling Mastery and Letterland, because we recognise that one strategy doesn’t suit all. Through testing and monitoring, a dedicated Individual Programs Department identifies those needing extra support or extension, which may occur in the classroom in small groups. Planning for different rates and styles of learning is a key feature of our curriculum and our teachers are constantly refining their skills in this area.

We also understand that our students will need to learn about concepts and ideas that have not yet been developed. That’s why our curriculum never stands still. Our teachers participate in curriculum focus groups in core subjects to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of innovation in terms of both content and delivery. Specialist teachers participate in professional development sessions, and many also attend subject-based networks outside the School. We are constantly exploring new ways of teaching so that our students receive the very best education. We also involve parents via school-based sessions so that the learning can continue at home, with parents an integral part of the process.

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