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Latest Episodes

Emily Tunks Macvean (YOG 1997)
Cameron Britt (YOG 2002)
Stephen Le Get (YOG 1986)
Trent Roberts (YOG 1992)
Victoria Goddard (YOG 1981)
Mark Boyes (YOG 1987)
Richard Nicholas (YOG 1971)
Kate Schmidli (YOG 2012)
Travis Strong (YOG 1991)
Chris Chun (YOG 1988)
Andrew Gaythorpe (YOG 1982)
Yrena Wang (YOG 2013)
Cam Dunbar (YOG 1998)
David Culbert (YOG 1984)
Peter Russell-Clarke (YOG 1986)
Rod Penaluna (YOG 1990)
Martine Oglethorpe (YOG 1990)
William Lyall (YOG 1985)
Howard Brenchley (YOG 1971)
Doug Fryer (YOG 1984)
Charlotte McDonald (YOG 2013)
Dr Chris Fildes (YOG 1971)
Anthony Barnhill (YOG 2013)
Carrie Edwards-Britt (YOG 1999)
Prof David Maggs (YOG 1980)
Brad Harris (YOG 2002)
Rohan Lawton (YOG 1993)
Lerida Delbridge (YOG 1996)
Andy Griffiths (YOG 1979)

Play the introduction to this podcast series:
One of the great ways to learn about history is to hear the stories of those who lived it. So now, with more than 50 years behind us, we thought it was time to bring some of those stories to life and share them with the world.

Inspired by Yarra is a podcast series of conversations with our Yarra Old Grammarians (YOGs) who recall funny, compelling, informative and inspiring stories. Hosted by our School Chaplain Paul Joy, guests share some of their fondest memories of their time at Yarra and how that has helped establish their lives, their families and their careers to this day.

We’re excited to be launching the Inspired By Yarra podcast on Friday 31 August, 2018. So please look it up and tune in, like it, leave a rating and review, and share it with others. The more activity we have in the first few days helps draw attention to it so more people can find us. A new episode will be available at 7am every Tuesday so hit SUBSCRIBE in your podcast player to ensure you don’t miss an episode.

If you have any suggestions for someone you think would be a great guest on an upcoming episode, please drop us a line at

Each of us have been inspired by Yarra in some way. We now have a way to listen to those uplifting stories first hand on the Inspired by Yarra podcast. Don’t miss it!

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