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Latest Episodes:
(Episode 87) David Sinclair (YOG 2004) - Franchisee, The Sporting Globe
(Episode 86) Caroline Stedman (YOG 2011) - Innovation Manager, Fonterra
(Episode 85) Brendon Smith (YOG 2018) - Member of the Australian Swim Team
(Episode 84) Josh Simmonds (YOG 2013) - Member of Australian Men’s Hockey Team & Silver Medalist, 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games
(Episode 83) Kirsten Jackson (YOG 1987) - Artist
(Episode 82) Lachlan Cameron (YOG 2013) - Associate to the Hon. Justice Southwood, Supreme Court of the Northern Territory
(Episode 81) Bronwyn Beech-Jones (YOG 2013) - Historian, PhD Candidate, Tutor & Research Assistant
(Episode 80) Andy Buerckner (YOG 2004) - Director of travel management company
(Episode 79) Rob Drew (YOG 2000) - Managing Director
(Episode 78) Cass Stuchbery (YOG 2010) - Dietitian
(Episode 77) Jon Adam (YOG 2006) - Digital Delivery Manager
(Episode 76) Cameron Agars (YOG 1990) - School Principal
(Episode 75) Bianca Cubitt (YOG 2013) - Social Media Advisor & Businesswoman
(Episode 74) Joe Linney-Barber (YOG 1981) - Technology Entrepreneur
(Episode 73) Liam Morkham (YOG 2014) - Stakeholder & Communications Consultant
(Episode 72) Sian Gooden (YOG 2002) - Senior Account Executive, Slack
(Episode 71) Daniel Mumby (YOG 1984) - Venture Capitalist & Technology Investor (captions avail)
(Episode 70) Marie-Louise Metres (YOG 2002) - Clinical Social Worker (captions avail)
(Episode 69) Andrew Morrow (YOG 1984) - Senior Engineer (captions avail)
(Episode 68) Kristen Collins (YOG 1992) - Development Assistance Manager (captions avail)
(Episode 67) Eliza Schwab (YOG 2014) - Owner of Glam Theory Studios & Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy (captions avail)
(Episode 66) Tim Amos (YOG 2002) - Emergency Medicine Doctor (captions avail)
(Episode 65) Claire Atkinson (YOG 2009) - Fleet Performance Engineer 
(Episode 64) James Simpson (YOG 2005) - Musical Director (captions avail)
(Episode 63) Anna Johnston (YOG 2012) - Manager, Restructuring Services, Deloitte (captions avail)
(Episode 62) Anthony Basford (YOG 1985) - CEO East Gippsland Shire Council (captions avail)
(Episode 61) Stephanie Puopolo (YOG 2009) - Netballer and Learning & Development Specialist (captions avail)
(Episode 60) Jason Ball (YOG 2006) - Project Lead at Scope Australia and LGBTIQ advocate (captions avail)
(Episode 59) Loren Brealey (YOG 2012) - Saxophonist and Music Teacher (captions avail)
(Episode 58) Cameron Britt (YOG 2002) - CEO, South Freemantle Football Club (captions avail)
(Episode 57) Grant Nel (YOG 2006) - Olympic Diver and Businessman (captions avail)
(Episode 56) Tiana Koehrer (YOG 2014) - Project Officer, First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria (captions avail)
(Episode 55) Steve McCracken (YOG 1994) - Commanding Officer, Royal Australian Navy
(Episode 54) Penny Swan (YOG 1990) - Marketing and Business Manager (captions avail)
(Episode 53) Chris Chmiel (YOG 2000) - Squadron Leader, Royal Australian Airforce (captions avail)
(Episode 52) Georgia Rogers (YOG 2015) - Exercise Sports Scientist (captions avail)
(Episode 51) Professor Jason Mattingley (YOG 1982) - Foundation Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Queensland (captions avail)
(Episode 49) David Robb (YOG 1971) - International Executive (captions avail)
(Episode 48) Dwight Hodge (YOG 1994) - Leadership Coach and Facilitator (captions avail)
(Episode 47) Professor David Jamieson (YOG 1975) - Professor of Physics, University of Melbourne (captions avail)
(Episode 46) Mark Garrett (YOG 1980) - CEO & Chairman (captions avail)
(Episode 45) Nikki Carroll (YOG 1996) - General Counsel, Impact Investment Group (captions avail)
(Episode 44) Matt Crawley (YOG 1989) - Development Manager, AFL NSW ACT  (captions avail)
(Episode 43) Sam Harper (YOG 2015) - Victorian cricketer
(Episode 42) Emily Pollard (nee Collins) (YOG 2010) - Head booker at a modelling agency
(Episode 41) Doug Witschi (YOG 1983) - Australian Federal Police Officer
(Episode 40) Jeremy Irvine (YOG 1992) - CEO Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (captions avail)
(Episode 39) Eloise Grace (nee Gentle) (YOG 1994) - Television journalist
(Episode 38) Alex Obradovic (YOG 2014) - Astrophysicist
(Episode 36) Chris Adnam (YOG 1978) - Musician and Author
(Episode 35) Andy Baldwin (YOG 1987) - Music Producer 
(Episode 34) Natasha Wilkinson (nee Hoefer) (YOG 1989) - CEO Donwood Community Aged Care Services
(Episode 33) Travis Cloke (YOG 2005) - Former professional footballer
(Episode 32) Mark Buchanan (YOG 1979) - Innovator - Rock Climbing Wall Creator
(Episode 31) Rachel Jones (YOG 2001) - Government Relations Consultant
(Episode 30) Paul Singer MVO (YOG 1995) - Official Secretary to the Governor-General of Australia
(Episode 29) Emily Tunks Macvean (YOG 1997) - Health Psychologist
(Episode 28) Cameron Britt (YOG 2002) - CEO, Wanneroo Basketball Association (Please Note: the sound quality in this episode is not great)
(Episode 27) Stephen Le Get (YOG 1986) - Licensed Estate Agent
(Episode 26) Trent Roberts (YOG 1992) - Scriptwriter
(Episode 25) Victoria Goddard (YOG 1981) - Entrepreneur and Property Developer
(Episode 24) Dr Mark Boyes (YOG 1987) - Applications Manager, Business Intelligence
(Episode 23) Richard Nicholas (YOG 1971) - Foundation Student, Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer
(Episode 22) Kate Schmidli (YOG 2012) - Music Theatre Performer
(Episode 21) Travis Strong (YOG 1991) - State Manager, Victoria at Mott MacDonald & President of White Owl for Men's Health Awareness
(Episode 20) Chris Chun (YOG 1988) - Artist and Creative Director
(Episode 19) Andrew Gaythorpe (YOG 1982) - Supply Chain & Inventory Management Professional and President of Yarra Old Grammarians
(Episode 18) Yrena Wang (YOG 2013) - International Integration Aide
(Episode 17) Cam Dunbar (YOG 1998) - Teacher and Professional Runner
(Episode 16) David Culbert (YOG 1984) - Athlete and Sports Marketer
(Episode 15) Peter Russell-Clarke (YOG 1986) - Industrial Designer, Apple
(Episode 14) Rod Penaluna (YOG 1990) - Business Owner and Former President of Yarra Old Grammarians
(Episode 13) Martine Oglethorpe (YOG 1990) - Author and Blogger of The Modern Parent
(Episode 12) William Lyall (YOG 1985) - Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer
(Episode 11) Howard Brenchley (YOG 1971) - Foundation Student and Property Investor
(Episode 10) Doug Fryer (YOG 1984) - Former Assistant Commissioner (Road Policing Command), Victoria Police
(Episode 09) Charlotte McDonald (YOG 2013) - Police Constable, Victoria Police
(Episode 08) Dr Chris Fildes (YOG 1971) - General Practitioner
(Episode 07) Anthony Barnhill (YOG 2013) - Freelance Musician and Musical Director
(Episode 06) Carrie Edwards-Britt (YOG 1999) - Businesswoman and Children's Author
(Episode 05) Prof David Maggs (YOG 1980) - Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology
(Episode 04) Brad Harris (YOG 2002) - Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
(Episode 03) Rohan Lawton (YOG 1993) - Premier Cricket Development Manager, Cricket Australia
(Episode 02) Lerida Delbridge (YOG 1996) - Sydney Symphony Orchestra Assistant Concert Master
(Episode 01) Andy Griffiths (YOG 1979) - Award Winning Australia Children's Author

Play the introduction to this podcast series:

One of the great ways to learn about history is to hear the stories of those who lived it. So now, with more than 50 years behind us, we thought it was time to bring some of those stories to life and share them with the world.

Inspired by Yarra is a podcast series of conversations with our Yarra Old Grammarians (YOGs) who recall funny, compelling, informative and inspiring stories. Hosted by our School Chaplain Paul Joy, guests share some of their fondest memories of their time at Yarra and how that has helped establish their lives, their families and their careers to this day.

We’re excited to have launched the Inspired By Yarra podcast on Friday 31 August, 2018. Please look it up and tune in, like it, leave a rating and review, and share it with others.  A new episode will be available at 7am every Tuesday so hit SUBSCRIBE in your podcast player to ensure you don’t miss an episode.

If you have any suggestions for someone you think would be a great guest on an upcoming episode, please drop us a line at yog@yvg.vic.edu.au.

Each of us have been inspired by Yarra in some way. We now have a way to listen to those uplifting stories first hand on the Inspired by Yarra podcast. Don’t miss it!

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