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Andy Griffiths

YOG 1979

Award Winning Australian Children’s Author

“Humour thrived at this School in the ‘70s and I still channel that. You have to find your own way of doing things. Not everyone will rush to applaud you at first – they certainly didn’t for me. But whatever you choose to do in your life, believe in it”

Our Yarra Old Grammarians thrive in all walks of life; some in the public eye and others with more private endeavours. Andy Griffiths (YOG 1979) is known to most young Australians and their parents, as the award-winning author behind the Treehouse series.

Andy has successfully published in more than thirty countries, with his books making it onto the New York Times bestsellers lists and winning more than seventy Australian Children’s Choice Awards. The creativity he is renowned for was fostered at Yarra. Andy reflects on his School days saying “Yarra was a great musical School and creative arts were promoted. We’d have big concerts in the quadrangles at lunchtime”.

Andy went on to create a fake band with friends and wrote lyrics based on life at Yarra to make his friends laugh. He also wrote for the School magazine and was part of the bushwalking club that taught him key skills he still relies on today.

“Some walks were led entirely by students and were overnight and so involved planning and endurance. That was fantastic when I started writing books because books are all about endurance, planning and hanging in there while you get the job done”.

It takes a year for each book to be written, illustrated and published. During that process, the desire to make children laugh inspires Andy. He’s also a firm believer in following your instincts.

In his life after Yarra, Andy demonstrates how Yarra gives students the confidence to achieve in whatever their passion is.


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