Premier’s VCE Awards

The annual Premier’s VCE Awards for the 2020 school year were announced recently. The awards recognise students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Three students from last year’s Year 12 cohort achieved the highest award - The Top All-Round VCE High Achiever Award - which is awarded to students who have achieved study scores of 4

6 or higher in at least five VCE studies. These ARE three out of only twenty three students who received this top honor and is the highest number of any school in the state. Congratulations go to Aditya Gandhi, Benjamin Kyval and Eric Liu for receiving this award. This is a wonderful achievement and cause for great celebration. It is a credit to their determination and commitment to their studies. In addition, Study Awards were presented to Stephanie Brennan for Legal Studies, Luke Sammann for Mathematical Methods (as a Year 11 student). Ben Kyval also received a Study Award for Specialist Mathematics.

Once again, the School congratulates them on their wonderful achievements!

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