Principal’s Welcome

Every school has its own story – one that tells of its history, its culture and its reason for being.

Since 1966, Yarra Valley Grammar has offered students the best possible learning opportunities and experiences under the guidance of exceptional teachers. Our approach is based upon Christian values of compassion, inclusion, acceptance and commitment. The ways in which these values are brought to life and sustained through actions and recognition form the basis of our School’s culture.

We have high expectations of our students and we are committed to meeting our responsibilities to each of these young people: to equip them with the skills, knowledge and values they will need to become young men and women of integrity, with the confidence to strive to achieve their best. Our students are taught, nurtured and inspired by an outstanding team who are dedicated, passionate and committed to their roles as teachers, role models and mentors. We believe that when teachers and students develop strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect then our students will be happy and willing learners.

This generation will be the most educated in history. But no longer can we measure education in what we know; information is too vast in the 21st century to be able to do that. Instead, to be truly well educated, students need to know where to find knowledge, how to process it and how to use it. From Early Learning to Year 12, we build the skills for independent lifelong learning. Constant monitoring and reviewing of the teaching and learning program ensures that we are providing a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum, relevant to the needs of young people in a modern society. In the early years we focus on self-discovery. In the middle years, our innovative enhancement program breaks out of the classroom and gives students practical and engaging experiences. In the senior years, we focus on academic rigour, always preparing our students ahead of time for the challenges that they will face.

Students from a broad range of backgrounds, and partnerships with overseas schools, create a culture of diversity at Yarra Valley Grammar. We encourage our students to look outside their immediate networks and to consider their place as global citizens – a concept defined by mindset rather than nationality. We encourage them to pause every now and then in their day to day lives and to consider our rapidly changing world. This enables them to understand their place in society and to look for opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way. As a leading practitioner in co-education, Yarra Valley Grammar creates appropriate opportunities for boys and girls to work together.

I invite you to visit our School and to talk with our staff and students. After all, they are best placed to tell our School’s story.

Dr Mark Merry

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