The Nancy John Hearing Unit

Named after:Mrs N.S. John MBE
Date Opened:29th April 1998
Opened by:Member for Deakin Philip Barresi
Principal:Neville Lyngcoln


For over 27 years, Mrs Nancy John was a key part of Yarra Valley Anglican School (YVG). In the late 1960’s her house became a meeting place for families with hearing impaired children. Mrs John, as part of the Advisory Council for children with Impaired Hearing, had a big Idea. She teamed up with our school to create a special unit for these children. That is how the Hearing Unite started. 

This Hearing Unit helped hearing impaired children learn with others. Mrs John’s energy and vision made it happen and she stayed involved until she retired in 1993. We owe a lot to her and her legacy lives on, we are so lucky to have had her to inspire us.

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