The George Wood Performing Arts Centre

Date Opened:26th February 1991
Opened by: The Right Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen, Former Governor General
Dedicated by:The Most Reverend Keith Rayner, Archbishop of Melbourne
Principal:George Wood

In 1991 the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) was opened. No more sitting cross legged on the Gym floor for Assemblies and Award Ceremonies. You could now sit in comfy chairs, 845 of them. This new hall was named after a much loved principal who was responsible for the next level of growth in the school. He championed Co-Education, the Hearing Unit, Sports and the PAC, he loved building. 

Did you know that the Foundation was created specifically to bring the PAC to life. Most of the funds to build it came from parents, friends and staff of the school through the Foundation, led by John Baldwin and Lyn and Louise Davies. Some very famous people have walked on that stage and sat in those comfy chairs. Could you be the next one?

The PAC had a very nice upgrade in 2019 when more comfy seats were added. You may notice some of the seats have names of students, past and present, on the back of them. This is because of a fundraiser by the Yarra Foundation, called Take Your Seat, where you have the opportunity to buy a seat and have your name put on the back. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessary mean you get to sit in it!

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