Middle and Senior School Gallery

Year 8


For this task students learnt how to render a 3D form from a light source and the techniques of two point perspective to create an accurate cityscape. They analysed an existing skyscraper to discuss form, shape, line, and focal point. Students then used this knowledge to create their own cityscape. Choosing to render it in either pencil or fineliner.

Grid Rendering Task

For this task the students recreating a tonal scale using a variety of rendering techniques. These included Hatching, Cross Hatching, Dot Rendering, Tonal Rendering and Textural Rendering. They learnt how to render a 3D form from a light source. Students then created an enlarged drawing from a photograph, using the grid technique. They needed to render their drawings to show a Colour, Tone and a variety of rendering techniques.

Landscape Painting

For this task, students created their own Australian Landscape painting. They studied the Australian Impressionist, particularly the Heidelberg school. Students investigated how colour and tone can be used to capture the world around us. They developed basic painting techniques to create particular effects in their landscape painting. There was also a focus on analyzing photos or images in terms of composition, focal point, colour, light and shade.

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