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Children are learning from the time they enter the world. From the time they enter Yarra Valley Grammar, we work in partnership with parents to continue to foster that sense of wonder and awe. We believe that relationships, interactions and attachments, as well as the development of a child’s self-confidence, are fundamental elements that underpin children’s learning. We know that if we respond sensitively to children’s emotional needs and build their confidence, they will go forward with willingness and enthusiasm for learning.

Starting Their Education Journey

When a child starts at the ELC, we welcome and encourage the whole family to become a part of the learning journey. Two-way communication between teachers and parents is a key feature of the Centre, as little people grow, learn and change at a rapid pace. Individual learning programs are constructed that identify their strengths, needs and interests, and articulate particular learning goals. Play experiences are then planned to enable each child to progress, with their development documented in their individual portfolios. Specific attention is given to building numeracy and literacy skills and all ELC children attend weekly specialist sessions in Music and Library, while our Pre-Prep’s also attend sport and swimming lessons.

Our ELC students learn in a purpose-built centre, opened in 2010, and also have full use of the School’s other magnificent facilities, Sports Complex, Music School, Performing Arts Centre and Resource Centre (Library). Full and part time programs are available for both Kindergarten Three and Pre-Prep’s.

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Our Early Learning Centre also makes for a seamless transition to primary school when you choose to continue your child’s education at Yarra Valley Grammar’s Junior School. The development of school readiness skills commences from their time of commencement whilst a more formal program begins towards the end of the Pre-Prep program, building the foundation for school. Inclusion in many School events throughout the year ensures our children feel a part of the wider School community.

A Safe and Engaging ELC Environment

The curriculum is underpinned by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, which has been adapted by our staff so that each component of learning can be delivered through stimulating play experiences. Our Early Learning Centre has been awarded the highest rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standard on all seven measures of Quality by the Department of Education and Training.

  • Relationships with children
  • Educational program and practise
  • Children's health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service management
  • Staffing arrangements

The program was engaging and developmentally appropriate for all children, maximising each child's learning and development opportunities. (Department of Education and Training)

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Exceptional Learning with Experience

Our ELC children are nurtured by creative teachers who immerse themselves in play with the children. Play enables children to develop all their skills – social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual thinking. We continually evaluate children’s play to discover what they are learning and to help shape and extend their learning further.

“We’re building the foundation skills that can set them on the right path for lifelong learning” (Nicky Callow - Director of Early Learning Centre)

Literacy concepts are developed through book sharing opportunities; re-enacting stories; playing with rhymes and songs; looking at, using and making signs; talking about experiences; making lists, invitations, cards and letters; and drawing, painting and playing with print.

Numeracy concepts go beyond the development of counting to include awareness of shape, size and positional terms; sorting, matching and ordering; and early measurement understandings.

Each of our ELC rooms has a technology area where regular exposure to engaging, age-appropriate software helps expand childrens' ability to acquire information, solve problems and communicate with others.

Outdoor play encourages the children to use their bodies and to test and challenge emerging skills. Our outdoor area is a creative, open-ended space with plenty of sensory stimuli. Children are encouraged to engage with nature and to explore the garden beds, sand and gravel areas, rock pools, dirt and water.

You can view more on our ELC Curriculum HERE.

ELC Session Times

The School provides Out of School Hours program in partnership with Camp Australia. Find out more about our Out of School Hours Care program

Full and part time programs are offered with each day running from 8.45am - 3.00pm

There are two Kindergarten Three groups. One group runs part time, three days per week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other runs full time, Monday to Friday.

There are also two Pre-Prep groups. One runs part time, four days per week, on Monday - Thursday and the other group will offer the option of attending five days per week Monday - Friday.

Kindergarten Three Program Sessions

3 Days

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Full Time

Monday to Friday

Pre-Prep Program Sessions

4 Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Full Time

Monday to Friday

Early Learning Centre Fees 2024

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ELC - Kindergarten Three - 3 Days





ELC – Kindergarten Three full time





ELC – Pre-Prep 4 days





ELC – Pre-Prep full-time





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