Other Career Involvement

Other ways that Yarra Old Grammarians are helping our current students in the area of careers, include hosting Lunch in the City.

James Staughton (YOG 1986) from Workshop Architecture hosted four of our Year 9 students for lunch during their City Experience in Term 1. The students found their visit an intriguing and fun experience. They learnt how Melbourne has a diverse and dynamic style of Architecture which makes our city bold and inspirational in a very interesting way. They thought that the lunch they had with James was very fun with lots of laughter and he gave them a really good talk about what he does and what goes on in the world of Architecture.

We are really keen to offer our current students opportunities to hear and meet Yarra Old Grammarians, whether in person (at the School or at the YOG’s workplace) or via video conferencing. All YOGs have something unique to offer our current students and we are keen to hear from any YOG happy to share their story, knowledge and expertise. Please contact Yarra's Development Office for more information

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