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Cam Dunbar

YOG 1998

Teacher and Professional Runner

“Yarra taught me how important it is to respect and support the people around me”

Over the past fifty years Yarra has inspired students to pursue their passions and interests. Yarra Old Grammarian, Cam Dunbar, Class of 1998, has spent much of his life so far at the School – initially as a student and now as a sports teacher.

Cam’s interests and career have been influenced by his parents. His father was a high-level professional sprinter from Scotland who won a number of British championships. Still running and competing after fifty years, he ran in the Masters event at the Stawell Gift in 2017. Cam’s mother was an art teacher and while Cam says he missed out on her creative flair, he shares her love of the teaching profession.

Cam joined Yarra in Year 7 and, not surprisingly, some of his best memories are on the sporting field. The smell of freshly-cut grass still reminds him of being nervous before a game of football or cricket.

Yarra helped him develop values and to define what he wanted to achieve in life, and honed his leadership skills.

“I was a prefect in my final year and that paved the way for me to choose life as a teacher and coach. It taught me about respecting and supporting the people around you.”

Teaching, sporting and family commitments require good time management, but Cam says making time for exercise brings mental and physical benefits. It is something he encourages his students to do to relieve stress and to help them maintain a positive outlook during the challenge of studying and exams.

“Life is about having a positive outlook and not dropping your head in difficult moments.”


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