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Professor David Maggs

YOG 1980

Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology

"Links to Yarra remain central to my trips back to Australia"

Our Yarra Old Grammarians find success both in Australia and internationally. Professor David Maggs reveals how Yarra’s unique and celebrated Yarra spirit continues well past your last days at Yarra.

After graduating with a veterinary degree from the University of Melbourne, David practised as a vet in the Yarra Valley and lived at the Middleton Winery before deciding to specialise in animal eye health. His skill and expertise took him to the University of California near Sacramento where he has been based for the past sixteen years. David spends half his year teaching students and veterinarians from around the world, and the other half of the year practising as a veterinarian ophthalmologist.

Despite his ex-pat status, David keeps close ties to Yarra. His father, Norman Maggs, was Head of Middle School and part of Yarra Valley Grammar staff for twenty five years. David also maintains many friendships formed and nurtured at the School.

David was an active member of the School. “I was in the jazz rock group, the orchestra and in the annual musicals. When I do come back to Australia I always try and attend the shows here. And I have memories of watching a large number of rugby games on the rugby field and supporting our teams”.

Insightful and encouraging teachers who were positive and inspiring role models during his secondary School years also had a lasting influence on David. He credits them with his teaching role and his passion for educating others today.

“I loved my time here. I learned to work hard and play hard and that took me to the US. I also learned about loyalty to a place and to friends. That’s why I keep coming back and feel so welcome at Yarra”.


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