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Trent Roberts

YOG 1992


"The Yarra Spirit was about loyalty to everyone at the School and a sense that you were in it together."

Trent Roberts has carved a successful career in the highly-competitive world of television. He’s worked on the ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan and children’s show, Little Lunch. He has just finished working on a new Peter Hellier sitcom for Channel 10, How to Stay Married and is also developing a new drama series with fellow YOG, David Lyons (YOG 1993).

He credits his English teachers at Yarra for igniting a passion for writing, and for equipping him with essential skills that have helped him along his career path.

“I had a couple of brilliant English teachers in Dennis Carroll and Annette Gitz. I never thought I’d write for a living but they nourished that love and made me realise this is something I’d like to do.”

Trent joined Yarra in Year 7 and met people who are still friends today.

“It’s a great reflection on the School that you can create those long-lasting friendships.”

After graduating Yarra, he did a mixed degree that included Law, Psychology and Anthropology. But he and his friends were keen amateur film-makers - another passion ignited during his high school days.

After graduating from university, Trent applied for a job in television. He began doing the photocopying on All Saints, gradually working his way up through the ranks. He is currently working on a feature
film treatment.

There have been challenges along the way - such as shows getting axed and months of scripts ending up in the bin. He says persistence and the ability to stick to a routine, also learned at Yarra, keep him motivated and working towards his next success.

“Success to me is working with incredible people on incredible projects - that’s the dream…”


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