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Carrie Edwards-Britt

YOG 1999

Businesswoman and children's author

“Being part of the Yarra community helped shape me into the person I am today”

Carrie Edwards-Britt discovered a love of literature and writing while she was at Yarra Valley Grammar. She is still an avid reader, but has taken her passion for literature a step further by writing award-winning children’s books about Sponky, her chihuahua.

Carrie is also founder and Managing Director of The Amazing Baby Company, a business she created at the age of 25. Her first product - a baby stroller imported from the US - became Australia’s number one selling stroller. Since then, Carrie has expanded her business to become one of the country’s largest independent distributors of baby products.

Her education and the friends she made at Yarra have been a key element of Carrie’s success and happiness. She met her husband at Yarra and many of her close friends are Old Grammarians. Carrie maintains her links to Yarra as part of the Yarra Old Grammarians Committee and strongly values her continued connections to the School.

“The Yarra Spirit is just in me. It’s about a sense of community and sharing core values and it will be part of me for ever. I love reminiscing with friends and remembering our teachers and how great School was”.
Her business sees Carrie spend much of the year travelling internationally and she juggles that role with acting as Managing Director of her father’s golfing business. But she makes time for family and friends and recollects the importance of the School motto.

“To me, lifting up my eyes means being present, enjoying what is going on around me now and seeing ways in which I can give back to family, friends and my community”.


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