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Howard Brenchley

YOG 1971

Foundation Student and Property Investor

"I had an opportunity be a leader at Yarra and to develop independence of thought"

Howard Brenchley, Yarra Old Grammarian (YOG) from the class of 1971, was one of the first students to attend the School in 1966. Howard was fortunate to watch the foundation stone being laid. “I remember feeling excited that I was going to be part of this new School”.

Howard’s role as a Prefect and the subsequent leadership skills he developed served him well in a successful career that has spanned stockbroking, investment research and commercial property investment management. During his career Howard has established two successful companies from scratch and he attributes his achievements, in part to the lessons learnt at Yarra including self-reliance and thinking outside the square.

Howard grasped every opportunity at Yarra, reflecting “I remember a sports day at Peninsula Grammar. We played cricket, tennis and chess and all students had to make up the numbers. When I wasn’t batting at cricket I played tennis or chess”.

“We were taught to be all-rounders, to do things we may not have been comfortable with and to never accept anything at face value. As a result, I have never accepted anything at face value, always questioning and seeking a better way”.

Now retired, and when he isn’t working on improving his golf handicap, Howard sits on various company boards and still maintains strong ties to Yarra. His two daughters attended the School and he has been involved with the Yarra Old Grammarians’ (YOG) association, the Yarra Foundation and chairs the School Building Fund Investment Committee.

“Yarra started from nothing and is now a successful and admired School. It shows what can be built from small beginnings”.

Over the past fifty years our great School has built on the pioneering vision of our Founders, creating a unique and celebrated Yarra Spirit that continues, as it has for Howard, well past your last days at Yarra.


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