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Travis Cloke

YOG 2005

Former professional footballer

"To come here and interact with the students puts a smile on my face."

During his years at Yarra, Travis Cloke was as passionate about the arts as he was about sport. But in 2004, when he was in Year 11, he was drafted to Collingwood and footy became his career.

He played his last AFL game two years ago and retired having played three Grand Finals and won two Premierships. But his footy career all began on the ovals of Yarra.

“My proudest moments of playing footy at Yarra were pulling on that jumper every week and being part of the team. Because you didn’t only represent the other 21 players, but the wider Yarra community,” says Travis.
Travis was arts and house captain, was part of the fine arts program and played the tuba. He was dyslexic but received plenty of classroom support to overcome that.

“A lady called Teresa Coleman helped me from Year 10 and she drove me to be a better person. She’s the reason why I want the next generation of students here to strive to do their best in their chosen field.”
In recent years, Travis has returned to Yarra to help with the School’s football program and says being drafted while at Yarra is still his proudest sporting moment.

“My first game of football was on Anzac Day - a Thursday - and I came back to school the next day for a SAC,” he says.

Since retiring and becoming a father to 22-month-old Scarlett, Travis has gained a new appreciation for the importance of relationships and learning.

“Learning has always been important to me and I am still trying to educate myself. I’m enjoying being part of this community at Yarra again. And being a father is amazing. Scarlett brightens every day and I want to do whatever I can to make life better for her.”


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