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Cameron Britt

YOG 2002

CEO, South Fremantle Football Club

“The beauty of Yarra, for me, was the smorgasbord of opportunities.”

Cameron Britt’s journey to South Fremantle Football Club began in childhood with a passion for Australian Rules Football. The love of the game was only fostered at Yarra where he played First Footy and Basketball and was part of the School Athletic and Snowsports teams.

“Where I find myself in my career now is no coincidence. Football was my ‘go to’ sport growing up and through my time at Yarra. But I was encouraged to have a go at everything at school and I was part of the Debating team, too. At Yarra, the only limitation was your own enthusiasm to give something a go or not,” says Cam.

He arrived at Yarra in Year 8 and the following year Cam was voted Middle School Captain by his peers. It was an honour but pushed him out of his comfort zone – something he now appreciates. 

“Because I’d been there a short time, I think I had imposter syndrome for a while. And I had to make speeches at assembly and was glad the lectern was there to hide my knocking knees! But that role helped shape my confidence and resilience.”

After Year 12, Cam studied a business degree, specialising in Sports Management. His first job was at the Good Sports program where he worked with community clubs nationwide to promote good governance and a safe, family-friendly sporting club model. In 2012 he joined Essendon Football Club and oversaw community development, corporate social responsibility and government relations.

In 2015, Cam moved to Perth to spend time with his wife’s family and initially became CEO for the Joondalup Wolves basketball club. After growing their brand and helping to double membership, late last year, Cam moved to South Fremantle Football Club.

“We’ve had to pivot to survive the health and financial impacts of COVID-19. Some revenues have been obliterated so we’ve adapted to shelter and protect the business,” says Cam.

“But this club has a rich 120-year history and recent alumni include Marlion Pickett and Tim Kelly who just picked up a landmark contract with West Coast. I often pinch myself at the fortune and luck I’ve had in my career so far. I feel privileged.”

A downside of living in WA is not being able to catch up for a beer or dinner with his mates from his Yarra days and he misses those connections.

“When I walked into Yarra, I thought the place was heaven on earth – if you loved music or drama you had options. For me, the opportunities to play sport were wide-ranging. The skills that I built at Yarra stay with me today.”


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