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David Robb

YOG 1971

Former Managing Director of Iluka Resources

“My days at Yarra were great. I felt quite privileged to have so many opportunities”

In 1966, David Robb was excited to join the new Yarra Valley Church of England School, as Yarra was formerly known. Over the past fifty years he is one of many students inspired by the School to follow their interests and find a rewarding career.

David remembers a strong sense of community between families, teachers and students in the early days of the School. Frequent working bees, fetes and tree plantings were events that brought the School community together. David excelled during his final school year and attributes this to great teachers, high family expectations and a need for personal achievement.

David enjoyed maths and science and began a science degree at Monash University. The following year he and his family relocated to Western Australia where he graduated and joined an international oil company, working in Australia and overseas. David was given increasingly senior roles.

“I got a chance to run organisations that had thousands of people and very big asset bases in my 30s, which, looking back, was quite amazing”.

After marrying in 1978, David spent the next twenty years working globally for British Petroleum and Wesfarmers for ten years. During this time, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Harvard Business School.

David rose to become a director of Wesfarmers then became Managing Director of a top 100 listed Australian resources company – Iluka Resources - a business he led for a decade and helped turn around.

“I’ve always had leadership positions and I enjoy the challenge of leading an organisation”.

In his life and career David demonstrates how opportunities at Yarra influence you well beyond your School days.


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