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Richard Nicholas

YOG 1971

Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer

“The foundation of this school is the people who have been here and their continued strong connections to Yarra”

Over the past 50 years Yarra has inspired students to pursue their passions and interests. Yarra Old Grammarian, Richard Nicholas, Class of 1971, remembers the early years of the School; rigorous uniform standards, charismatic teachers and how becoming a prefect fostered a lasting sense of leadership.

When Richard joined Yarra Valley Grammar in 1966, there were only two Year 7 classes. Many of the buildings that exist today had not yet been constructed and the oval had no top soil. When it rained the clay surface collected water.

“If we played football and cricket on wet days we wore plastic bags around our socks,” says Richard.

In the early days, each student planted a tree to begin landscaping the site. Richard can still identify his tree.

“When I arrived at Yarra there were very few people I’d gone through primary school with. It was formative to come to a new school and not know anyone. But that helped develop my people skills,” he says.
“Fundamental to my time here was that I was in the top form all the way through, so we had to find our own way. That helped me grow enormously.”

After graduating, Richard got a scholarship to Monash University and began studying Economics and Politics. But a year later he left Australia with 150 pounds and spent 12 months working his way around the world.
When he returned, a friend suggested a career in real estate and, 43 years later, Richard has a real estate office in Mooroolbark.

Richard retains strong links to the School and is a past President of the Yarra Old Grammarians and a past School Board member.


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