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Chris Chun

YOG 1988

Artist and Creative Director

"I couldn't have done half the things I've done in my life without being at Yarra."

Yarra Old Grammarian, Chris Chun, Class of 1988, discovered a talent and love of art at Yarra and he has since forged a successful career worldwide.

“My most important memory of Yarra is the Fine Arts program in Years 11 and 12. The teachers nurtured our creativity and let us explore,” says Chris.

“I’m very grateful for that - This place was the foundation for my career and my life.

After graduating, Chris went to university and then worked across Europe and in Sydney before settling in Thailand eight years ago where he has his own arts studio.

Chris has built an international reputation with his prints, paintings, textiles, ceramics and graphic designs. He is also a creative director to organisations seeking advice on product development, branding and styling.

“My definition of success is creating something that puts a smile on someone’s face. Everything I create has a story and authenticity to it,” says Chris.

“If I paint something and it has no relevance or connection to other people, that’s not enjoyable for me.”

Chris says the value of lifelong learning and seeing mistakes as part of life, are vital messages learned during his years at Yarra. He believes that trial and error is part of our journey.

“I have a sense of discovery in my life and I do trip up sometimes. But if you give up then you’re not doing yourself any favours,” he says. “I’d encourage students to have fun, explore and see school as an opportunity to try new things.”


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