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Doug Fryer

YOG 1984

Former Assistant Commissioner (Road Policing Command) Victoria Police

“Yarra prepares students to step out into the big wide world. It’s a principle of Yarra’s education to prepare kids for the future”

Over the past fifty years Yarra has inspired students to pursue their passions and interests. Yarra Old Grammarian, Doug Fryer, class of 1984, joined Victoria Police the year after graduating. Since then he has spent time as a Constable in Collingwood and as a detective in Camberwell.

Doug has worked with the drugs squad and created what is now the Echo Taskforce to tackle organised motorcycle gangs. Today, his focus is on reducing road deaths and road injury across the state.

Recently he toured Europe and America to study other approaches to road safety and has a personal goal of reaching a zero death rate on our roads.

It was at Yarra, as a 16-year-old, that Doug realised what he wanted to do as a career. The breadth of education he received in and out of the classroom provided him with the skills that have helped Doug navigate the challenges of life in the police force. For example, he learned that if you work hard people above you will recognise and appreciate that and provide opportunities.

He has close ties to old Schoolfriends – they often spent lunchtime hanging out at the hockey oval or the scoreboard.

“So many of the people I went to School with have done well, although they are diverse in what they do. They’ve become valuable community members because Yarra Valley taught us to do the right thing.”
The School motto continues to inspire Doug – he sees it as a reminder to walk taller and slower.

“When you are young and eager, everything is a race, but life is a marathon. I’ve learned to slow down and to strategise about where I want to go in my journey.”


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