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Georgia Rogers

YOG 2015

Exercise Sports Scientist

"One key thing I took away from school is that your ATAR is not the be all and end all. That does not equal success - it's finding what makes you happy."

Georgia Rogers joined Yarra Valley Grammar in Year 7 and credits the School with helping her learn the value of stepping up and trying new activities.

“I’m a homebody so school camps were a big step outside my comfort zone,” she says.

“One year I also had to make a speech at the end of year presentation night. ‘Georgia doesn’t speak up enough in class’ was a commonly heard phrase on parent teacher nights, so making that speech showed me that I could do something I previously thought I couldn’t,” says Georgia.

Studying at Yarra also taught Georgia the immense value in preparing for whatever task she is facing. She is still meticulous about putting time and effort into managing her continuing studies.

“Preparation is how I find my confidence. At school I used maps, notes and cue cards posted all over my bedroom wall when I was studying. You have to find a way of preparing, that works effectively for you,” she says.

While at Yarra, Georgia was a keen sportswoman with a special talent for tennis - a sport she still enjoys playing.

She also discovered The Resilience Project and its message of using Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness to enhance daily life and wellbeing.

“I start each day by asking myself ‘what is going to make today great?’ and I write an answer in my journal. It makes me think about what I want to achieve that day – it gives me clarity of mind,” says Georgia.

“I also write a daily affirmation and think about three things I am grateful for before I go to bed. I try and be still, look back on the day and notice the little things.”

Since leaving Yarra, Georgia has studied Exercise and Sports Science and will begin a Masters in Exercise Physiology next year. She eventually hopes to work with elite athletes and people with less mobility who want to improve their fitness.

In 2021, Georgia will marry fellow Yarra student Sam Harper - the couple began dating in Year 11. For Georgia, finding happiness is essential to a successful life.

“It seems a big jump to go out into the world from Yarra but it’s an opportunity to find your passion and your niche.”

Some of the resources that Georgia mentions in her podcast include:

  • Resilience Project Book (finding happiness through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness) by Hugh Van Cuylenburg
  • Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose by Lisa Messenger
  • Yoga: A Manual for Life by Naomi Annand
  • Down Dog Yoga App
  • Smiling Mind
  • Headspace
  • Gabby Bernstein's 21 Day Meditation Challenge
  • Women's Wellness Wisdom by Dr Libby Weaver
  • Love You by Lorna Jane Clarkson


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