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Rachel Jones

YOG 2001

Government Relations Consultant

“My time at Yarra taught me so much about what I stand for.”

Rachel Jones readily admits that she wasn’t the most attentive student during her time at Yarra. But that hasn’t held her back. After graduating Rachel did an Arts degree and is finishing a Masters degree - and she’s averaging high distinctions.

“It’s quite a change. Just because you’re an average student when you are younger doesn’t mean that will always be the case. You just need to find your passion.”

Yarra instilled key values that remain with Rachel. Attentive teachers also helped her learn about herself and what she enjoyed, encouraging her love of politics and writing.

“Mr Gooden was my Economics teacher and career counsellor and he taught me to follow my passion, so I’d never feel like I worked a day in my life. And he was very good at saying ‘you can do better, you can do more’.

After graduating from university, Rachel worked for a Member of Parliament, becoming a policy advisor and then working in a communications role. She then moved to a policy role with Australian Dairy Farmers at a time when the dairy industry was going through significant changes. From there Rachel moved into private consultancy with Baldwin Boyle Group and now has a government relations role with Fonterra Australia.

“Success isn’t linear. I’ve had a lot of sideways and backwards steps in my career but if I get a knockback, I find another way. Teachers at Yarra reminded me I could do better and that inspires me.”

For Rachel, the Yarra Spirit is about pride in the School and celebrating School success as a community. She also has a new understanding of the School motto, Levavi Oculos.

“When I was at school I never knew what to make of it - it was a bit of Latin on our blazers! But to me now it means being confident in yourself and having confidence to achieve and lead, and to look to the future.”


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