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Alex Obradovic

YOG 2014


“Yarra gave me lessons about friendship and life.”

After graduating from Yarra, Alex Obradovic (class of 2014) began a Biomedicine degree. But it wasn’t the right choice and he dropped out halfway through. During a stint working in hospitality, Alex figured out what came next and it involved doing something that interested him.

“A year after I left School, I was watching some YouTube videos about science and space. I always enjoyed watching those kinds of programs, so I thought why not study about space at Uni?” says Alex.

This year he graduates with a Science degree and majors in Astrophysics and Mathematics.

Alex joined Yarra in Year 8 and still has a close circle of School friends.

“Our year level was a very inclusive group. You could hang out with anyone and be welcome,” he says.

He did VCE Music, played clarinet and saxophone and performed at assembly and in the School Orchestra and bands.

“But I preferred practising to performing. With practising, you get the satisfaction of working hard at something until you can do it. You get rewards when you practice that you don’t get when you perform,” says Alex.

Alex’s study of Astrophysics includes cutting-edge research into gravitational waves, the warping of time, black holes and the fluid mechanics inside stars.

He is also a keen Astro-Photographer and has developed a portable mini observatory that allows him to capture intricate details of the night sky on camera.

“I’m not fussed about changing the world but I want to learn for the rest of my life and to share what I learn,” says Alex.

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