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Victoria Goddard

YOG 1981

Entrepreneur and property developer

"Yarra brought a sense of calm. I felt secure and realised what I could possibly achieve in my life."

As a ten year old, Victoria Goddard dreamed of reaching for the stars and becoming an astronaut. As a businesswoman, she’s still aiming high with a successful career as a property developer and as co-founder of House of Indigo, a company that imports handloomed towels from Turkey.  

Victoria was one of the first thirty girls to arrive at Yarra Valley Grammar. It was her seventh school and provided her with an anchor point for the remainder of her education. She recalls computer studies sessions when her teacher encouraged Victoria and her classmates to remember that for half of them, the careers they would end up pursuing didn’t even exist yet – such was the pace of change of technology and the modern world.

After graduating, Victoria and her husband settled in Perth and their three daughters were born there. But she wanted her children to attend Yarra and the family relocated to Melbourne. Victoria worked in the mobile telephone industry for fifteen years and began building a property development portfolio, buying and renovating homes and then renting them out. 

Four years ago, after buying some genuine hand-loomed Turkish towels while travelling, she spotted a potential new business idea and began importing them to Australia. Recently Victoria’s business took a major step when she began selling her products on Amazon.

Victoria’s time at Yarra has been influential in her willingness to take a leap of faith in her professional life and the School motto, Levavi Oculos, still resonates strongly for her.

“For me that motto means standing up, looking to the horizon, getting a 360-degree view and not being pigeon-holed. We don’t know what is around the corner, but whatever it might be, you have to move with it or be left behind”.


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