Bequests: The Baldwin Circle

The Baldwin Circle provides an opportunity for those who wish to make a gift to Yarra in their Will to be acknowledged and honoured in their lifetime. It is named after John and Meredith Baldwin, both very active members of the School community over the years. Membership is open to anyone who notifies us of their bequest.

Baldwin Circle members are proud and passionate supporters of Yarra Valley Grammar and enjoy a special relationship with the School.

Including a bequest to Yarra in your Will is a simple task and does not always entail rewriting your Will. A simple codicil provides an easy option for you to consider.

This is your invitation to join the Baldwin Circle and help us to secure the financial future of Yarra Valley Grammar. We would be honoured to welcome you as a member of the Baldwin Circle.

If you are considering including a bequest to Yarra in your Will, please read our brochure below and contact the Development Office at Yarra Valley Grammar.

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